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Hey Sup Guys and Gals

Not much is really going on. I mean it's the same old same old life. I still need to get a USB Data Cable for my new phone and PDA.

Phone: Moto W376 Sprint Phone...I've finally upgraded my PoS Phone. After 3 years of having it.

IRL: Bored as girlfriend anymore because she dump me a few weeks ago. Still looking for a GF.

TV Shows:

24 Season 7 - I'm starting to wonder if Tony Almeida dies because that SOB needs to die. As for Jack Bauer...Don't you die you SOB!!!

House M.D: Too bad for Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) - For committing suicide. Of course he decided to become the member of the White House. Which is fine by me. As for House M.D what can I say I LOVE IT!!!!!

Bones: I keep missing the episodes....

Anime: Just finish watching "Witch Hunter Robin" Finally watch all 26 episodes and it's good...However I keep falling asleep. x_X Now i'm watching Bleach @ Episode 125 and some Naruto. I might start watching some Tsubasa Chronicles...CLAMP Series...Wooo

Manga: Love Hina...Still reading it on my PC

Movies: None I've been too busy for that also I cancel my Blockbuster account. After so many late fees...
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