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IRL: Cooking lunch at the moment. Korean Spicy Hot Pork, Radish Kimchi, and to wash it down with some nice cold glass of Korean Corn Tea.

Gaming: Some DDRing...on DDRSuperNova for PS2 and Magna Carta 2 is coming out in Japan this August and holy shit. It LOOKS TIGHT!!!!. However I don't have a Xbox 360. So anyway...Hyung Tae Kim is the artist for Magna Carta 2!!!!!!!

Anime: Jang Geum's Dream, Wolf Rain, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece

Manga: Witch Hunter Robin & Love Hina

Current Events: Some fucking psycho shot up a UGA Acting Theater and killed his wife and some professors. God these crazy bastards are everywhere...AL/Boston/New York/Germany/Greece.

and of course the Swine Flu is really getting bad here in the U.S.A. Make sure you wash your hands before eatting and after using the bathroom.

TV Shows: 24 Season 7 comes on tonight and House M.D
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