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New Korean Anime!!! - Jang Geum's Dream (장금이의 꿈)

One of my Korean friends told me to watch this Korean Anime that just came out on DVD. So far I watch Episode One on my PSP and OMG it's TIGHT!!!. It's really for younger kids however the history of Korea is part of this anime. So basically I get to see how Koreans cook back in the old days. Pretty sweet isn't it =O

Jang Geum's Dream (장금이의 꿈) - Season 1

I look forward of watching more of these episodes.

Info from Wikipedia

Jang Geum's Dream (hangul:장금이의 꿈, Jang Geum ieui Kkum, kana:少女チャングムの夢, Shojo Changumu no Yume) is a Korean animation. It is a production by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. The animation was done by Sonokong and Heewon Entertainment. The animation centers on Jang Geum (장금), who enters the Royal Kitchen as an apprentice court lady. The show is a spinoff from MBC's mega-hit historical drama Dae Jang Geum. The animation program has been sold to Tooniverse, resulting in the broadcast of a second series in 2007.

The story is spun off of the Korean historical drama Dae Jang Geum, though it is aimed for a younger audience. The plot is basically the same: a girl named Jang Geum with a dream of becoming a palace chef (의녀). However, the complex line of corruption and sometimes even murder present in Dae Jang Geum does not appear in Jang Geum's Dream. The fate of Jang Geum's parents is never revealed and no one in the story dies. The plot is kept light throughout with quite a bit of comedy. Through the story, Jang Geum enters the palace and amazes people with her skills and willingness to learn.

However, after receiving much approval from the royals and upper sang gong, she abandons her thought of cooking to see people's smiles and turns to winning and impressing. Lady Han, a sang gong that has always watched over her, warns her of the path she is taking but Jang Geum continues to strive to impress. Finally she is found out by the sang gongs after stealing a sacred book and thrown out of the palace with her friends, Yeon Shan and Chang Yi. Jang Geum travels with her friends and slowly realizes the mistakes she made and turns back to the train of thought she once had. At the end of this series, Jang Geum wins a competition by preparing food that is beneficial to each individual eating it and is allowed back into the palace. However, she demotes herself to the lowest palace maid because she wants to start over.
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